Sureno Thugs Lyrics

[In Background]/
(Sancho and Maniac) Califa Thugs//

steady steppin' like a full Sureno thug, grey and blue//

(Silencer) {Califa Thugs} thugged out, bald heads/
we tha baddest mothaf**kas and we stay ahead/
ain't nobody never ever gonna take my name/
'cause if you do then you die, that's tha way{Califa Thugs}/
enemies will never last, put your glocks away/
I'm tha baddest mothaf**ka from around tha way/
I get a little when I smoke a J/
f**k a bitch and a ho like everyday {Califa Thugs}/
tha magical thug, Califa Thug/
Silencer is smokin' tha bud/
I put tha nine to tha eye, just to show there is no love/
and to any mothaf**ka tryin' ta take me out/
makin' money everyday, that's what I'm all about/
Silencer on a mission/
ammunition, no competition/
drop a verse to tha song wit a gangsta rhyme/
mothaf**kas talk shit like every time/
pull to tha side on tha gangsta rhyme/
time for me to go and do a little homicide/
enemies are gonna get paralyzed/
everyone is gonna be hypnotized/
SIlencer is tha one that terrorized/
when you see me come around you better step aside/
f**kin' bitches everyday I'm at tha studio/
I carry my dagger/
somone's becomin' a cadaver/
I got tha money to travel/
nobody's ready to battle/
Silencer comin' at you/
Silencer gonna snatch you/
and pass tha Marijuana, let me take another hit 'cause here I come to blast you//

(O.F.I.) flippin' like a mothaf**ka puttin' it down/
blazin' like a mothaf**ka smokin' a pound/
if only mothaf**kas could see me now/
laced up in tha cut wit thugs bumpin' loud {Califa Thugs}/
I see other other fools we know/
that kind of shit don't make me numb/
OG from tha hood South of/
Southern Bay click for tha playas and thugs {Califa Thugs}/
you wanna rumble wit us/
life ain't nuthin' but a jungle to us/
survival on tha streets is a struggle to us/
pass tha bud, that's on tha real; don't be f**kin' wit us {Califa Thugs}/
a lot mothaf**kas say my beats are too slow/
smoke too much Indo, sound like a Negro/
I'm spit tha shit/
tha best west see fit, eat a dick/
y'all don't know shit/
watchin' me as I make a beat (unh)/
best leave 'cause I'm off tha heat/
especially wit scripts like these/
nobody comin' wit this much heat/
South Side for those who don't know/
South Bay, Palm Avenue fa sho'/
SD 1-3s for my Gs on tha streets/
Sureno bangin' Thug flippin' on tha beat/
like that, don't you kind of sound good/
makes you wanna bounce, homie that would/
don't hate, go 'head speak on it/
bumpin' that cut, that's me on it//

(Mr. Sancho) poppin' that Timmy, trip wit dis puto when we headin' out through tha do'/
pop, pop to tha glock, ho, then watch all of dem putos drop to tha flo'/
we headin' to tha club, lookin' for some love 'cause we smokin' tha bud above tha law/
mothaf**ka never trip, when I rack up tha clip 'cause I'm spittin' my lyrics rough and raw/
livin' in tha middle of a sin/
mothaf**ka never grin/
when I'm comin' in wit tha Mack 10/
pop, pop, 'til ya body drop/
no we're never gonna stop/
bustin' in a cup of tha gin/
nobody never wins when you're little rappin'/
seein' how I've sin, could have locked me in tha Pen./
or imagine that I'm dead/
'cause I took one in tha head/
wit tha infared/
to my forehead/
now we fled/
bodies now lifeless/
never felt like this/
flash-backs of my life showin' how I acted childish//

[In Background]/
(Sancho and Maniac) Califa Thugs//

steady steppin' like a full Sureno thug, grey and blue//

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