Indy Kidz Lyrics

I want to be just like you.

I've got these pictures keep on rolling around my head.
I want to hang them on the wall above my bed.
And it's so easy to step aside
and walk in line like all the rest.
But I never did that well on tests.

I don't watch TV cause it's just a box of lies.
It makes me want to stick a tooth pick in my mind.
While the world goes down the drain
I eat my popcorn from the bag.
Some people say that I've gone mad.


I got- I gotta go down to the school house and get some .. and and get some shoes
and get the right hair cut ...get the right hair cut


You're so cool.
I wanna be just like you.
You're so cool.

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Songwriter(s): Matt Shultz, Lincoln Parish, Daniel Tichenor, Brad Shultz, Jared Champion
Copyright: R And R Nomad Publishing Co., Sony/ATV Songs LLC
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Meaning to "Indy Kidz" song text (3 meanings)
Warlordi2 11/05/12,11:51

i like this song because it talks about how the world is now based on what you wear what you do and you cant be who you really are or else people wont like you and you need to conform to live and a whole bunch of other bad things you have to do to live in todays society and what not
Mister Magma 02/22/12,20:08

This song is a SARCASTIC song. He is acting like someone who wants to be seen as a different person so becomes hipster and by doing this messes up being different as hipster is now what everyone does.
Randy Savage 01/01/12,20:00

This song is about wishing to be a follower because the alternative is much more difficult. Ignorance is bliss and will be the end of us all.
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