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Dominated Lyrics

Friday night 1AM - she still might call. Only waitin' 3 more hours - then that's all. Ya see, it's the little things that broke me down - the no-show where'dya-go I-dunno schema showdown. Her friends' r always laughin' when they smile - didn't know all the while been filed as Gomer Pyle on her speed dial. But that's alright - I know we're tight ('xcept when she calls me her fallback on a lame-ass night. Yeah, but at least she calls me (when she wants a freebie and treatin' like royalty) She got my loyalty - I'm home frustrated. Got me where ya want me - DOMINATED.

(Girl you know I love you with all my heart - but I just gotta know...)

Didja ever want me - didja ever love me
Didja ever care if I was ever there
Didja ever really think that my jokes were funny
Didja fake every moan just to spend my money

Why didja wanna be with me
So you can show off when ya blow me off in front of everybody
Frustrated, humiliated
Ya got me where ya want me - dominated

How could ya do me like that
Ya foo' me like that
One day ya knew me,
The next ya Magoo me like that
I got ya but I still don't get ya
To this day I wish I never met ya
But I can't forget ya - it's been too good
I would if I could, but I never do what I should
Frustrated, humiliated
Ya got me where ya want me - DOMINATED.

(Stayin' home every night waitin' for the phone to ring)

Didja think I'd never know
Didja think it wouldn't show
Didja think I wouldn't see
What ya really think of me now
Didja think I'm not a man
Tell me whadja think I am

(Girl, I know you're liking this a little too much)

Say hello sucka...
Squeezing my heart in your hands
Wrapped around your finger with the best part of a man
Just call me sucka...
Everything I did was wrong
Just ran outta lucka now my lovin' all be gone
Holding my breath till I'm blue
Holding my breath just for you
Holding myself back from everything that I should do
She calls me Mini-Me
Yo, that aint right
No dignity - it's with her tonight

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