Set It Off Lyrics

Hmm... feels so good (Woowoowooooo baby)
Oooohoooo... oooh

[Verse 1: Anthony]
Hmm you've been ever so strict baby hmm... talkin bout' don't even think of it, I can't even touch it,
Baby be patient, I'm a give it to you when you get through proving your worthy, and I ain't gave you no drama,
When I met cha mama and ya daddy let em' tell me that I didn't deserve you .
Well baby since I been so damn good(telling me tonight's the night) said I can have it just however I want it,
That you gon lay back and just let me get on it. Oooh my baby I'm a bout to break the wall (in my head board)
Cause I've been patiently girl to ride and get rode on hope that you can handle what's about to go on babe...

Baby it's bout to go down (I'm a bout to) set it off up in here now, really hope you can handle
What I'm bout 2 give you baby(girl if you just lay down) Baby it's bout 2 go down (I'm a bout 2)
Set it off up in here now, really hope you can handle what I'm bout give you baby

[Verse 2: Grady]
No oooh baby I'm not trying scare ya(don't think that crazy noo)but it's been three months, two weeks maybe five days I'm a bout to give you the business(giving you all of me baby tell you make to stop)but I keep going girl ain't knowin(you really ain't knowin)We about wake up all the neighbors fo sho oooh oh


[Verse 3: Papa]
Been on best behavior(time for you to give me my reward come on baby let me get on board this plane to ecstasy he he)I know it's gonna worth the wait give a taste(baby I got something show you, sexually I want to get to know you)just baby give it to me(oooh yeah yeah)


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Songwriter(s): Marcus Allen, Melvin Sparkman
Copyright: Normaharris Music Publishing, Strauss Co. LLC, Jojo Beats, Emi April Music Inc., The Allen Boy Publishing
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