Bone Brothers - Give It To Me
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Give It To Me Lyrics

-Chorus-(Felecia)-Layzie Bone-
(I've been up and I've been down/ Around the world, and round and round; Real G.P. is what I've found/ And this is how it's going down) She gon' give it to me, she gon' let me hit, she gon' let me hit it/ She gon' give it to me, she gon' let me hit it, she gon' let me hit it

-Layzie Bone-
I'm a answer like AI and the truth like T Mac, Lil' Layzie Bone puttin' them hookers on they back/ Got more game than a motherfuckin referee/ I'm the shit baby girl, wanna fuck with me? Nigga, don't test that nigga Lay Bone; Call up Kray Bone, Flesh Bone, Wish Bone, nigga, be gettin' Bizzy on/ Any nigga that's want to step to the thugs/ Catch a slug fuckin' with us, you know we gets 'em up/ Them certified platinum playas pimpin' through your city/ Niggas lookin with envy cause they bitches want to get with me/ Them world wide ballers, and everywhere I go I keep my heat right by my side in case you ain't know

-Bizzy Bone-
Freddy Tiffany, show 'em how the pimpin' be, show 'em how the women be sippin' on Hennessy/ It's for the energy, dippin' in the gangsta party/ Lil' Lay this is Eazy E; Bone Thugs N Harmony/ I'll never fall in love; Married to Bone Thugs/ We all need hugs, send me to Heaven when I recieve slugs/ It ain't no justice, just us/ Bust in the dark, fuckin off, ya'll suckers, gettin' swallowed in the city lights, in the black stretch something; A brother livin' the city life/ Ain't it a pity, right? Never suditty bitches posted up, coked up, soaked it up, fuckin' up


-Bizzy Bone-
Kickin' it in high speeds, high off weed, see, I'm a thug by nature/ Swallow my seeds, yeah/ Fresh out the county' to the stage and bleed, till I pass out/ Grey Goose/ Can't stop stressin'/ Back to the streets slangin' soft and minks/ I paid the cost to be the boss/ Ain't nothin' sweet, this is David Ruffen, Freddy pink Tiffany/ Snub-nosed tramp/ 5'7, the epiphany, literally

--Layzie Bone (with Felecia)-
(Let the music get up in you, bounce to the rythm, baby girl you lookin' good to me/ And I done had a shot a liquor, she lookin' way thicker bring that ass on over to me)
It's Kelly Robinson, that's how I be mobbin' on them, G.P. thuggin' all the time/ Baby, I'm a monster on the blunt; I never 'sponse to no one/ I be sharin' The Gift, livin' in Heaven'z Movie no more runnin' the strip, totin' clips in my bad ways/ Livin' like it's the last dayz/ Some of yall bitches nasty, a real G.P. is graphic/ All day, e'ery day Lil' B and Lil' Lay, Kelly Robinson niggas and motherfuckin crazy


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