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Rise & Shine Lyrics

Rain rain won't go away
Cloud on my head every single day
This pain pain goes right inside
Breaking me down 'til I just cry

Little bully wants to play
Hits me every single day
Pain, Pain go right inside
Guess I'll Just have to let it slide

Drain drain all my life
Why can't I just stop this strife
Rain rain, won't go away
Cloud on my head every single day

Beat on another kid
But not on me
Rain rain won't go away
Cloud on my head every single day

These games games that you play
Eventually I'll get up and say
No no not this time
I'm taking back what is mine

With this faith
We will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation
Into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood
With this faith
We will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together
Knowing that we will be able to sing with new meaning
-The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Stand up
And take what's mine
Is what your trying to hide
I don't care
For the things that you say
I know that you're just one step away
From breaking down
Pick yourself up off the ground
I know that you are better than this

Open your eyes
Now is the time
To rise up
With Darkness we'll still shine
Idolize and despise
Wrong or right
We'll make it through to the other side

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Meaning to "Rise & Shine" (5 meanings)
EMO CHILD 12/22/12,14:15

this talks about a story of all us emo or goth people being who we are but sometimes we loose control and cant handle it talk to some one instead of doing something youll later regret were here 4 u well understand botdf is trying to get that out in there songs cutting your self wont solve all your probs and that u dont always have to lay by the rules HAVE FUN HAHA haters WILL NEVER stop us no matter wat thy make us famous if you guys got haters you must be doing SOMETHING rite.RIGHT?
michael 12/06/12,14:47

this song shows how people are bullied every day and i am one of those kids who is just pushed around no matter what i do so this song has showed me to stand up for myself and that bullys are just insecure
Dark Rain 10/11/12,08:38

This song is awesome and i agree we are all equal people don't need to be treated different just because of their weight or the kinda music they like or how they are dressed it rediculas bullying has gotten so much worst
katelynn T 01/14/14,22:34

The meaning of this song that stands out to me the most is that bullying is a huge part that is happening in this world. So many kids my age are getting bullied (age 13). I don't get bullied but I dont have hardly any friends and in quite. I just think everyone need to love each other and quit bullying. Otherwise kids will start hurting themselves
underground misfits krew 12/24/12,15:11

this talks about how a kids get picked on but one day you have to get up and stand up for your self and keep your head up and who ever was making fun of our name back off its a group of emo friends theres 2 of them one of 8 graders then us the 6th graders thers lorenza aleman adam jimmenez adam gonzales lillian mollina anthony rodriugez and the 8th graders theres alot of them were trying to get like thatt so go ahead start rumurs make our name be known haha we all love botdf i love jayy hes hot!
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