I'll Just Hold On Lyrics

I’ll Just Hold On By Blake Shelton

I can taste your kiss on my lips
And I’m wrapped around your finger tips
As I watch the moonlight dancing on your skin
Your green eyes and the sweet red wine
Go to my head girl every time
And I get drunk on you
I lose control and then
And here I go again

I’m falling for you even though I know your only playing with my heart
Tomorrow might be hell
But a night or two of loving you is better than never at all
And I can’t help myself
So I’ll just hold on
I’ll just hold on
I’ll just hold on
Until your gone

Girl I know you’re a gypsy soul
And I’m just a stop along your road
And you hang around long enough to blow my mind
If I had a star for every scar
You tattooed on my heart
I could fill up the Oklahoma sky
So girl I don’t know why


I’ll just hold on
I’ll just hold on
I’ll just hold on
Till your gone

I look down and my cell phone rings
And I see your name and I know what that means
But I don’t care
I’ll just hold on
Till your gone

Every time you need to take it home?
Seeing you there just breaks my heart?
I don’t care
I’ll just hold on
Till your gone

Your green eyes and that sweet red wine
Go to my head girl every time
But I don’t care
I’ll just hold on
Till your gone

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Songwriter(s): Bryan Simpson, Troy Lee Olsen, Ben Hayslip
Copyright: Mr. Noise Music, Melissa'S Money Music Publishing, Get A Load Of This Music, WB Music Corp., Hillbilly Poetry
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Meaning to "I'll Just Hold On" song text (9 meanings)
Crash 02/09/11,20:04

Should we hold on to the one we love and get hurt in the process or let go and still hurt without them? I can't decide what to do I know what I should do but my heart wants something else
Serandipati 02/02/11,09:57

I used to feel that way about a certain someone. Then one day the pain just got to be way to much. This song brings back bittersweet feelings. The nights loving...the days crying!
nipples 06/28/10,10:25

This girl keep's playing with my heart so i dedicated this song to her today. if only she really knew what it ment.
eva 04/07/10,21:58

My x is now my best friend and I love him to death he knows that I would do anything for him so he takes advantage of it. I just hold on even thought I know he's just messing with my heart
dani 10/22/09,21:59

you know it's true. it happens to the best of us. over and over, it never gets old. and we just keep comin back for more. gotta love it ;o)
Dee 08/23/09,10:45

Paige, If this truly is your best friend you have fallen inlove with TELL HIM. If y'all really r BFs he knows but is prob afraid to tell you. The best lovers started as friends Don't throw chance away
miky 08/20/09,14:36

the song says it all,im going through hell right now,but on friday when see her ill be as happy as i used to be.
Paige 08/17/09,02:50

Ya i no, i just realized i love my best friend but i no if i tell him, he'll just do as the song, so everytime i here this song i think of him and start 2 cry!!!!!!
Anna 07/30/09,10:07

omg i love this song there is this guy and i keep fallin for him and i know he is only playing with my heart and i keep going back too him no matter what he does so that why i love this song
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