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Mastermind Lyrics

Okay, Two thousand and Ten
Majimak heureumeul jwigo heundeureo
Jihwibong daeshin Mic reul deureo
Check it up now

Geobuhal su eopseul jeongdoro gangryeokhan
Mueongareul kaji go dorabwa dashi igoseul tteugeobke
Deo tteugeobke dalgweo da naege matgyeo
I'm the mastermind, Untouchable joker

Shigani tto galsurok
deo ppajyeo deureo
Da jigeum i sunganedo
Do you feel me now?
Neoege tto
galsurok deo
Baro i shiganedo
Geunyang nareul mideobwa
Oh yeah

Ttarabwa We're the mastermind (Mastermind)
Neukkyeobwa We're the mastermind (So Beast)
Bigyo ttawin hajima uril neukkyeobwa modu
Movin movin say, movin movin hey
Mastermind (Mastermind)
Oh yeah just feel my heart (So Beast)
Jigeumbuteo ttarawa
neoreul matgyeobwa modu
Do it do it say, do it do it hey

Geu eotteon maldo phiryoga eopseo
I sungan i shigan
geunyang deo kkeuge sorichyeobwa
Eotteon geotdo mageul su eopseo
Jeomjeom deo naege deo jogeum deo
Ppajyeobwa baby

(Master Mastermind Master Mastermind
So so so Beast
Master Mastermind Master Mastermind
So so so Beast)

Yo, You ready for this?
Keep moving, Keep grooving
Haha welcome to ma world.

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