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Fish Heads Lyrics

Fish heads. By Barnes & Barnes
(Chorus and first verse)
Fish heads fish heads
Roly poly fish heads
fish heads fish heads
eat them up, yum!
In the morning laughing happy fish heads
In the evening floating in the soup
Ask a fish head anything you want to
they wont answer they cant talk.
I took a fish head out to see a mooovie
didnt have to pay to get it in.
They don't play baseball
they don't wear sweaters
they're not good dancers
They dont play drums!!
Rolypoly fishheads are never seen drinking capachino in Italian restaurants
with oriental women!!!!!
Fish heads fish heads
roly poly fish heads
fish heads fish heads
eat them up Yum!

these lyrics are last corrected by Paul "Barnes" Perdue

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Meaning to "Fish Heads" (2 meanings)
Childhood 09/06/12,13:28

My sister would sing this to me when I was little. I don't know why but it made a lasting memory for when I got older. Now when I showed this to some of my friends they thing its weird, and that it doesn't rhyme. lol
Bring back the tapes 04/19/12,18:32

I listened to this as a child on a casette tape in the car on long trips. I guess it has made me the person I am today - crazy. And I was surprised when I showed my friends and they were scarred by it
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