God Hates Us Lyrics

Total nightmare, total nightmare

You wanna hear my side?
You need to drown to know
With all the times it hurt me to fuck you
I built a wall with your blood to show

God save us, God save us all
God hates us, God hates us all
Total nightmare, total nightmare

Nothing to heal, no one to wreck
Feel sad or roll now, there is nothing to tell
Nothing drawn, no one to fake
You'll find out sooner that it's just best if we just know our place

My infiltrated mind, my lacerated soul
You took me years, create me, control you
I let myself around with you aside

God save us, God save us all
God hates us, God hates us all
Total nightmare, total nightmare

Armed, rape, kill
Love, hate, fear

You better take your time
(Armed, rape, kill)
You better take it slow
'Cause when you see the one
(Love, hate, fear)
There is nothing left to show

Total nightmare, total nightmare
Total nightmare, total nightmare

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Songwriter(s): Brian Haner, Matthew Sanders, Zachary Baker, Jonathan Seward, James Sullivan
Copyright: Skeletons And Bowties Publishing, Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Lewis Christ Publishing, S Gatesmusic, Slayer St. Publishing, Jimmy The Rev Sullivan Music
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Meaning to "God Hates Us" song text (3 meanings)
follower of Christ 11/04/11,22:23

to be honest, i dont like the title of the song. but avenged sevenfold has mixed and confusing meanings to their songs and I just hope they dont really mean God hates us all.
Freak-out Owl 08/11/11,14:57

Great song. Makes me remember from Avenged Sevenfold's Sounding the seventh trumpet. But even don't playing at that way these guys still rocks. TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!
The Reaper 11/24/10,13:07

awesome song its funny im a christian and i love this song but what does it mean? I think its about if u dont have God you are screwed but that could just be me
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