My First Love Lyrics

Silhouette, of a perfect frame
Shadows of your smile, will always remain
(Will always remain)
Beginners love, soon fades away, ah baby
We go on, I will long as

(Long as I live)
Long as I live, you will be my
(My first love)
Oh baby, you and only you
(Long as I live)
Long as I live
(My first love)
You will be my first love
And I choose you again

I'm keeping no Candy-Coated Valentine
Memories of you, you when you were mine
A tarnished ring on a tarnished chain
Times keep changing come sun or rain

(Long as I Live)
Long as I live, you will be
(My first love)
My first love and my only love, love
(Long as I live)
Long as I live
(My first love)
Ohh, you will always be my
Oh, be my first love

See as long as I live
(Long as I live)
Long as I live
I like it baby, sing to me
(My first love)
Oh, you'll always be my first love
You'll be mine and I'll choose you again
Ooh oh

Ooh oh
A tarnished ring
On a tarnished chain, oh
Times keep changing
Come sun or rain

(Long as I live)
Long as I live, baby yeah
You will always be
(My first love)
I'll always love you, baby
My first love
(Long as I live)

For the rest of my life
You will always be
My my
(My first love)
Oh lady, yeah
(Long as I live)
Yeah yeah
Oh yes
(My first love)
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Record Label(s): 2000 Geffen Records
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Meaning to "My First Love" song lyrics (5 meanings)
nutmeg 06/14/12,08:37

takes me back to high school when I had that crush on this guy and he never knew it. I love him and this song then.
Renee 05/25/12,18:14

Love this song, it reminds me of my high school sweetheart!! I loved this man with all my heart. He was the only true love I have ever known.... I'm 42 now, sad but true.
mardec2128 11/26/11,10:00

I love this song my boyfriend had me listen to it bc he wants to play it @ our wedding...! I dedicate this song to the love of my life De'Carlo Brown, baby long as I live you will be my first love!
Eileen M. 02/25/11,14:56

I love this song!!!! This song is me & and my baby Greg D. Who is really n truly my soulmate. We Sing this song to one another. I love u honey xoxo
Ariyana 06/18/10,12:10

i love this song so much...it has a soulful vibe to it and i can listen to it all day long...i dedicate this to my baby J.P... i love you baby!
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