Look It Up Lyrics

The word is faithful, look it up
It don't mean sneakin' around
Behind my back like you ain't gettin' enough
How 'bout forever, just look it up
It means through thick and thin and
Pitchin' in even when the times get tough

The word is easy, look it up
And you'll see a picture of that piece of trash
Ridin' 'round in your pickup truck
Let's try liar, just look it up
But you'll need boots to wade through all the bull
You tell me when you come home drunk
It's just like you to be so clueless
Cause you never thought I'd do this

I said go, goodbye, get lost, get out, get gone
The word is over
Look it up

You said you're sober, look it up
It's right next to hell is freezin' over, flyin' pigs,
And all that stuff
And how bout baby, look it up
It's what you call me and it's how you act
Every time I call your bluff
It's just like you to keep denyin'
Save your whinin' and your cryin'

I said go, goodbye, get lost, get out, get gone
The word is over
Look it up

The word's forgiveness, look it up
It's what Jesus has in store for you
But I don't no matter what
Quit your beggin' and your prayin'
Can't you hear what I've been sayin'?

I said go, goodbye, get lost, get out, get gone
The word is over
Look it up


Just look it up, look it up

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Meaning to "Look It Up" song text (22 meanings)
talk is cheap ditch pig 06/23/12,21:43

BABY put your money where your mouth is so next time u n trailertrash play all my cds n music collection ofdautrnI memories wht a way 2teach J WANTIT TAKEIT sorrentos mst wntd cheater in lyf of all
Angel of morals 06/10/12,12:04

luv ths cd n singer heyAZZHOLE mdhntasha so low u even steal yrs of my music collection wht to expect fr wannabes thevn drug addicts doin bnes baby grl he dnt move on so look it what come arnd baby!
Samsiewamsie 02/06/12,09:14

Hey Ashton:Coming from a fellow Alabamian, we're proud of you. What does Chubb mean? Did you write this song and is he full of crap? If so, I think he needs to Look It Up!
Michelle 09/19/11,17:17

my friend just posted this song to my FB page. Saturday morning, i caught my husband of 12 years (he's 39) with a 23 yr old piece of married trash. LOVE IT!
Kandi 09/14/11,02:48

One of my best friends said she'd tell her boyfriend to listen to this song if he EVER tried cheating on her. I told her, 'Honey, that boy does that to you, he's gonna have to face me first..'
jill 08/09/11,09:34

This song fits my cheating husband who I was married to for five years and have three kids with. Like I told him hope she's worth it. Love it.
Ashton Shepard 07/18/11,15:10

Thanks Ya'll I cant wait to read more comments! Hope to see Ya'll whle im on tour give me your state and I'll tell you if i can make it. Thanks LOVE YA'LL!!!!!
Sootsie 06/23/11,09:10

This hits the mark dead center on the fickle, faithless, want it now regardless of cost fella's out there. You guys with a slippery zipper know this is all about YOU.
Christy 06/01/11,12:02

one time, two times, three times four. This is enough.. now hit the door. This was someone I was dating for over 4 yrs and he cheated this time with my co-worker.
Kylar 05/28/11,23:41

Well I gave him a second chance he lied and cheated on me with my sister ... Leaving me heartbroken ... Oh well this song still explains them :(
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