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Overcome Lyrics

All these moments of pain
Must add up to something
Our bodies have been trained to keep it all in
But our hearts still hold on

Some say to release it, forget about your past
Instead we count the cost, it's part of us
That doesn't mean that we cannot move on
It's just a memory of what we once were

No matter what it is we've faced
It's now part of us (part of us)
We can overcome

Why rid of fuel that can make us stronger
When properly put behind us? (put behind us)
And in the same way that
Everything good in life can be taken away
So can all this pain

No matter what it is we've faced
It's now part of us (part of us)
No matter what we've faced in this life
We can overcome

Trying to forget is a burden we can never bear
When facing trials openly
There's nothing left to hide
New paths of strength come alive

We can overcome

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Sol 11/25/12,01:33

It's about not putting the pain you've suffered in the past behind and forgetting about it. It's about using that pain and anguish to drive you to overcome life's obstacles. Never forget what has happened. We can Overcome.
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