Legendary Child Lyrics

Legendary child
I tell ya what I'm talkin' about

Makin' love at 17, yeah, we had the luck
But we traded 'em toys and other joys, and we didn't give a... (whoa-oh-oh)
, never knowing wrong from right
And that same show, forty years ago, being televised tonight

'Cause journey from inside my head to the Taj Mahal
I went from never havin' none to wanna-have-it-all
I wanna keep that dream alive
And eat that honey from the hive
With all the noise and all the glamour
No surprise you know I am a...

Legendary child
I think that what I'm tryin' to say is

Sticks and stones will break your bones, at least they'll rearrange
I drop a dime and every time I get myself a nickel's change (whoa-oh-oh)
They say we don't know jack
At the plant, we proved 'em wrong
We traded in our souls tonight and sold 'em for a song

And if Satan had a lady friend, her name was Mary Jane
I never wondered why she tried to drive us quite insane
And how we got the golden fleece
From tokin' on that pipe of peace
Yeah, as far as I can see
There is a God 'cause I got me a...

Legendary child
Legendary child

(Le... gen... da... ry... child...) Legendary child
Legendary child

Legendary child

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Songwriter(s): James Douglas Vallance, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler
Copyright: Almo Music Corp., 20 Summers Music, Testatyme Music, Red Cape Songs O.B.O. 20 Summers Music
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