Never Givin' Up Lyrics

Never givin' up on this love [2x]
Never givin' up your all i'm thinkin' of [1x]

sittin' here in this empty room thinkin' bout you baby
thinkin' bout all the changes we been through
and i know it might sound crazy
but i'm still in love with you
inspite of all the stupid things we been through (we been through)

the way you make me feel I can't explain
but I love what you do (what you do to me)
when were making love you drive me insane
see I can't go no higher

never givin' up on this love
never givin' up your all i'm thinkin' of [2x]

well,well,well feels so strange

when I was on the train
I cracked a smile when I thought of you
the things that you do make me feel so good inside
no need to lie i'm on your side
i'm givin' my lovin' to ya day and night
Aaliyah i'm gonna be lovin' you o baby girl

I got what you want I got what you need
it's all in me
If you say what you mean and you mean what you say
my love will be here always
lately i've had the strangest feelin'
a feelin' I can't denie
that angels are watching over us and our love

angel watching over you over me [4x]

never givin' up on this love
never givin' up your all i'm thinkin' of [3x]

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