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Missing You Lyrics

I can't remember Dad
And I cant remember Mom
Aunts and uncles aren't quite the same

But I had him, and life seemed fair
Yes, when I had him, he was there
To give me strength, show concern
Ask for nothing in return
Say hello, talk me through
Do the things that fathers should do

And I'm missing you
I'm just missing you

There it is, he's gone
And he's hung me out to dry
The joy he said he felt, well, I guess it was a lie
But when I had him, my life was fine
When I had him, he was mine

He'd share his thoughts be a friend
Stick with me until the end
Watch a movie, roller-skate
Fill the world with fear and hate

And Im missing you
Im just missing you

Now I'm all alone
Now you're gone for good
Now I'm stuck right here wishing I understood

You gave me hope when my spells weren't right

You gave me someone to hold every night

And I'm missing you

I'm just missing you

I'm just missing you
I'm just missing you

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Meaning to "Missing You" song text (7 meanings)
Silwen Astoria G. Snape 06/06/12,16:41

What I love is how applicable this song is to everyone. Everyone, when hearing this song, remembers a long lost loved one, and through remembering that pain, feels Harry and Quirrel's pain, too.
Leah 06/03/14,15:01

Harry has been singing about Dumbledore because Molly hadn't told him to the very end of the battle that they had died
Pigfarts is On Mars 10/13/12,05:37

Harry is definitely singing about Dumbledore :') And This song seriously opened my mind to accept the Quirrelmort ship XD
Crazy4life24 08/08/12,23:05

@Chester The guy who plays Quirrel is Brian Rosenthal, and he is a very nice person if you ever get the chance to meet him. :)
Brolden Fan 05/09/12,11:15

@Chester: Really? I always thought he was singing about Sirius. He was more of a father figure in Harry's life, & hadn't Molly just told him he died? But you could be right, since Sirius wasnt in AVPM
Chester 04/28/12,20:50

In answer to your question, PotterHead, I think Harry was singing about Dumbledore. Also, one of the saddest songs, I think both Darren criss and the guy who plays quirrell are incredibly talented :)
PotterHead 02/27/12,14:40

Sorry for my stupidity here, but I remember that Quirrel was singing about Voldy, who was Harry singing about again? Can't remember for the life of me...
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