30 Seconds To Mars - Revenge
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Revenge Lyrics

One day I'll return,
The chosen one, under God,
The prodigal son, wreaking havoc
And yes I will get my
Revenge, Revenge, Revenge, Revenge

One life left to live, to forgive
Make amends, wash away my sins
Prepare for judgement
Only then will I get
Revenge, Revenge, Revenge, Revenge

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Meaning to "Revenge" (2 meanings)
Jose 04/11/10,14:44

i heard it for the 1st time yesterday, and i cant even say anything about it, Jared is the best musician in my opinion, the vocals, his compositions, the lyrics, the way he makes it.. God bless Jared
michael 03/19/10,02:53

i agree but you got some lyrics wrong after he says god in the first verse he says but the day goes on. an he also says will get my... revenge not well can't i. 2nd verse its prepare for judgment.
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