It's Over Lyrics

I Loved You
And I Tried..For 3 Years..But I...
I Need..Some Time..To Be Free
And I Know It's Killing You
To Be Without Me Now
It Was Bound To Happen Somehow

I Just Hate To Be The One
To Break Your Heart And Tear Your World Apart
It Feels So Bad But Feels So Good
Watching You Walk Away From Me
I Don't Wanna Hurt Ya!
Its For Our Own Good
I Miss You And I Love You, Goodbye

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry For Leaving You Now
I Tried So Hard, So So Hard
But I'm Done Trying
Long Nights, Bad Fights, All Alone, All Those Nights
In My Bed, You Went Out, I'm Crying Myself To Sleep

I Guess You Didn't Know
What I Was About To Do, To Get Through To You
But Now That You Do, It's Just Too Late
I'm Sorry But It's Over!

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Meaning to "It's Over" (1 meaning)
AnNELYse 11/15/09,15:51

oh my god i love dis song it means alot to me cauze it has alot of meaning for some gurls that has a hard time with their man
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