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Panda BearThe Hollow RoomThe Inner LightSing You A Love SongThe Gay Parade OutroRequiem For O.m.m.Springtime Is The SeasonThe Miniature PhilosopherWhen You're Loved Like You AreWraith Pinned To The Mist And Other GamesWe Were Born The Mutants Again With LeaflingTim I Wish You Were Born A GirlTulip BarooWhen A Man Is In Love With A ManAdvice From A Divorced Gentleman To His Bachelor Friend Considering MarriageThe Problem With AprilA Man's Life Flashing Before His Eyes While He And His Wife Drive Off A Cliff Into The OceanYou Are An AirplaneYou've Got A GiftSubtext Read Nothing NewA Question For Emily ForemanThe Party's Crashing UsMy What A Strange Day With A SwedeMicro UniversityPsychotic FeelingJan Doesn't Like ItThere Is Nothing Wrong With Hating Rock CriticsThe Hopeless Opus Or The Great Battle Of The Unfriendly RidiculousNoir Blues To TinnitusVoltaic Crusher - Undrum To Muted DaClimb The LadderGeorgie's LamentExpecting To FlyIsn't It NiceInside A Room Full Of TreasureDreamy Day Of Daydreaming Of YouAn Ode To The Nocturnal MuseDeath Dance Of Omipapas And Sons For YouKid Without ClawsI Feel Ya' StrutterCasualty Of YouPancakes For OneDeath Of A Shade Of A HueMimi MerlotGood Morning Mr. EdmingtonLet's Do Everything For The First Time ForeverKatie And CarolineKristiansandButterscotching Mr. LynnPartizan TerminusTender FaxIra's Brief Life As A SpiderDoing NothingHoliday CallAn Ill-treated HiccupWe Are Destroying The SongBlack Lion MassacreEvents Leading Up To The Collapse Of Detective DulllightSails HermaphroditicKissing In The GrassYou Do MutilateScrubs Too Hard And Loses SoapThe World Keeps Going RoundBuried With MeThe Blank Husband EpidemicHello From Inside A Shell (zombies Enter The Harbor)Everyday Feels Like SundaySlave TranslatorSpoonful Of SugarHindlopp StatDu Og MegFirst Time HighLechithin's Tale Of A Dna Experiment That Went Horribly AwryWe Will Commit Wolf MurderFeminine Effects
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Related Information for Of Montreal of Montreal is an indie pop band which formed in Athens, Georgia, United States in 1997. The band is fronted by Kevin Barnes, who writes, composes, and plays most of the music for his albums.They were among the second wave of groups to emerge from The Elephant 6 Recording Company and the group has a style that is typical of many Elephant 6 bands due to their interest in combining musical experimentation with the basic tenets of pop i.e. catchy melodies and sing-along choruses. The band’s style.. read more