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Anti-christ And Bar CodesSoft Black StarsThey Returned To Their Earth (for My Christ Thorn)I Have A Special Plan For This WorldRed Hawthorn TreeThe Descent Of Long Satan And BabylonIn The Heart Of The Wood And What I Found ThereRosy Star Tears From HeavenThe Carnival Is Dead And GoneThe Dream Of A Shadow Of SmokeSince YesterdayThe Ballad Of The Pale ChristGood Morning Great MolochRome For Duglas PRiverdeadbankOh Merry-go-roundThe Dilly SongPassing HorsesA Gothic Love SongPanzer RuneNorthLucifer Over LondonBlack Sun Bloody MoonTime Tryeth TruthRaio No Terrasu (jesus Wept)This Autistic Imperium Is Nihil ReichDecember 1971Holy Holy Holy (for Dusa)JerusalemAs Real As RainbowsThe Cat Is DeadMaldoror Is Ded Ded Ded DedThe Nudes Lift Shields For WarWith Flowers In The Garden Of FiresTanks Of FliesDianaAn EndingHourglass For DianaLove Dance Of The Nodding FolkBind Your Tortoise MouthAlone26 April 2007PersimmonIn An English GardenJasminePomegranateOur Lady Of HorsiesFallingHappy BirthdayMockingbirdHow The Great Satanic Glory FadedHaloTreeTime Of The Last PersecutionBaalstorm! Baalstorm!Broken Birds Fly I (maldoror Waits)Invocation Of AlmostPassenger Aleph In NameHorseyWhilst The Night Rejoices Profound And StillPoppyskinsBlack Ships Ate The SkyUrshadowOn Docetic MountainAbba Amma (babylon Destroyer)Ballad Of The Pale GirlTamlinThe Beautiful Dancing DustSilence As ChristineHe Is Everywhere NowhereNot Because The Fox BarksHourglass For Rosy AbeliskChewing On ShadowsTerra Tegit TerramThe Return Of The Final Church
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Related Information for Current 93 Current 93 is an eclectic British music group, working since the early 1980s in experimental-based musical forms. The band was founded in London, UK in 1982 by David Tibet (né David Michael Bunting, renamed 'Tibet' by Genesis P-Orridge sometime prior to forming the group).Tibet has been the only constant in the group, though Steven Stapleton (of Nurse With Wound) has appeared on nearly every Current 93 release. Michael Cashmore has also been a constant contributor since.. read more