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I Got The Fear!!! Lyrics

You could hear every cigarette she ever smoked when she spoke
I carried that "NO" that she gave me in the palm of my hand
I put it in my notebook than ripped it out and put it in the garbage can
She said you're either on it or you haven't tried it
It's a six second high and you'll do anything to get back to the pilot
Forget a diet, forget exercise and a meal
Lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes with a needle
Money, fame, heroin, if god made anything better he kept it to himself
Take away 6 problems for 6 six seconds 6 times a day with the devils help
He had a goof ball trance and a codeine dance
He was on his belts last loop, a skeleton with pants
She liked to tie his tourniquet, you could call it romance
Junk sick morning, cough syrup for breakfast
She used to take paper clips and Prozac pills and make a necklace
He waited half a cigarette then said "what do you want from me?
I don't have anything plus I'm running out of veins and money
The only thing he owned was a loose tooth and a kidney stone
He didn't have a home just a earthbound ghost and a bag of bones
So he boiled that brown water and salivated for that feeling
As bed bugs and scorpions rained down from the ceiling

She said I GOT THE FEAR, I got the fear
She ran to the bathroom and saw a ghost in the mirror
He said I GOT THE FEAR, I got the fear
He ran to bathroom and saw an old man in the mirror

She said during withdrawal everything is blue
He said during a fix everything is new
Control only leads to more control kind of like heroin
No more clothes there only apparel is skin
They say they wanna quit but without methadone they won't
Veins come back but brain cells don't
He'd trade those 6 seconds of winning for 23 hours of losing
She said selling is more of a habit than using
Do not sell the product to the consumer, sell the consumer to the product
Make the customer cut down the trees than sell them the sawdust
Diamonds are tears, rubies are blood
They say gold is in the river if you'll pan through the mud
His veins are full of galloping horses
His wife's at home she wants to divorce him
Cause out of syringes thought he could build a fortress
Toothless old women face and cancelled eyes but he's gorgeous
Stigmata from his needle wounds, he's crucified on two tourniquets
God'll save em if the ambulance comes and the gurneys are quick
She said I have a cure for apathy and no body cares
He listens for the sirens and no bodies there

She said I GOT THE FEAR, I got the fear
She ran to the bathroom and saw a ghost in the mirror
He said I GOT THE FEAR, I got the fear
He ran to bathroom and saw a ghost in the mirror

Coke bugs, she's got the horror
Oh Holy Spirit won't you help me pray for her
Magdalene forgives, mother Mary is crying
Kidney stone the size of the hope diamond
Sometimes they use coke to cope
The hands clean the hands but what cleans the soap
I don't know but I think it's called hope
Pack up the junk and kick the dope
You'll get clean this lifetime or the next
Don't worry though we all pass the test

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Record Label(s): 2009 Dirty Laboratory Productions

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