Irresistible Lyrics

Don't try to make me stay
Or ask if I'm okay
I don't have the answer
Don't make me stay the night
Or ask if I'm alright
I don't have the answer

Heartache doesn't last forever
I'll say I'm fine
Midnight, ain't no time for laughing
When you say goodbye

It makes your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
and Your eyes irresistible

I've tried to ask my self
Should I see somene else?
I wish I knew the answer

But I know, if I go now, if I leave
And I'm on my own tonight
I'll never know the answer

Midnight doesn't last forever
Dark turns to light
Heartache flips my world around
I'm falling down, down, down,
That's why

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irrestibile

It's in your lips and in your kiss
It's in your touch and your finger tips
And it's in all the things and other things
That make you who you are and your eyes irresistible

It makes your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, your
eyes, your
Eyes... irresistible

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Songwriter(s): Louis Tomlinson, Dougie Lee Poynter, Brian Thompson, Patrick Morrison, Christopher S. Birch, Horan Niall James, Liam James Payne, Harry Styles, Shane Connery Brown, Orville Burrell, Rohan Dwyer, Zain Javadd Malik, Robert Browne, Niall Horan, Thomas Michael Fletcher, Daniel Jones, Shawn Darson, Ricka

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Meaning to "Irresistible" song lyrics (10 meanings)
Hannah 12/04/12,10:51

I think the meaning of the song is, they don't want to loose the one they love. And everything about them, is so hard to forget. But he doesn't know if he should stay or leave to see about other things.
kendall (: 11/28/12,15:01

the meaning of this song, is this guy isnt really sure if he loves this girl or not, but whenever he's with her..he thnks he does, but whenevr there apart hes not sure anymore, and hes trying to decide if he does or not.
Favour 12/01/12,16:21

Basically, this song is about this guy who's in love with this girl, well he thinks so. He can't stand being without her, but when he's with her he isnt entirely sure he can't live without her. I think.
Myla 11/28/12,16:30

@Laura Wrong. He's in a constant dilemma between the deccision of loving this girl or not. When he's with her, he feels that she loves him and that she has no flaws. Although, when they're apart, he doesn't know if he loves her or not.
shanelle 12/19/12,19:00

He's caught up between feelings he can't live with her and he can't live without her... He doesn't know if what he feels for her is really love
lol 12/12/12,18:16

this song is about a boy is unsure if he loves this girl when they are together he feel like he is in love though when they are apart he is unsure
Nathalia 12/07/12,19:24

this song is about a guy who is unsure if he really loves the girl , but he remembers those little things like her lips , fingertips , and all those chizz , so he thinks he loves her
Hailey 12/02/12,11:16

I think this song's meaning is like don't pretend you didn't do anything, but I know you did, but your so beautiful, I can't resist your love!
Squid 11/25/12,12:59

He can't decide if he really loves this girl, but whenever he's with her, he feels like he is in love. But when she leaves, he's not so sure.
laura 11/14/12,23:14

that the girl that he loves is irresistable and irraplaceable
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