Fight The Beast Lyrics

(Intro - Adil Omar)
Its A.O.
And J.S.

(verse 1- Adil Omar)
Ain't no way you can get on my level
You might be crazy but I'm possessed by the devil
Definition of unholy, I ain't Actin
When people see me, they get a similiar reaction

Cops grab guns,priests grab bibles
Muslims Qur'Ans, others grab rifles
Simply because I might just leave you sliced up
You righteous,lifeless,cocksucker die punk!

(Hook - Adil Omar)
You better just pray to your god
('Cause I'm Coming)
Right over to take out your heart
(You Can't Fight me)
You Can't Fight Me
(You Can't Fight Me)
You can't fight the beast
Inside of me

(Verse 2 - Juwan Shahir)

To be spittin' like this, it's a blessin'
My lyrical flavor keep customers guessin'
My flow treat you to a lesson

Beef originates from tension
I don't need to pay attention
'Cause I get it for free

Beefin' with me
Is one hella fee
The AK in the trunk, gives a warning
One of the causes, for these kids mournings

Them other stories boring
Our backup crew keep yall out of business
It's strictly business
Pondering around, asking for forgiveness

I can sense an aura
Is it Adil's illness?
When my lyrical conscious takes over
Its nonsense


(Verse 3 - Juwan Shahir)
Collect souls in an urn
Let you bitches burn
You messed with me
But now it's my turn

Proceed to rip you
Lyrically or Physically
I take no hesistation, If I can't kill the first time
It'll be minor frustration

No time for the weak
Come through and make my mark
Everyday of the week

Strike me first
And it'lll become a series
And when these vampires come through
All You gonna hear is...


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