Faces Of The AntichristThrone Of MetalManiacs Of SpeedImpaled By MetalBeneath The Iron HandI Am The Conqueror (come And Worship Me)Carnage Rules The Fields Of DeathCrush The Holy Save The DamnedBlessed By The GodsSlaughter ProphecyBattle CrySacred Warriors Of SteelThe Torch Of SinBy Steel We RuleMetal Is WarGenerally HostileHeavy Metal To The EndEmpire Of SteelThe Chains Of The NazareneCharge Into OverkillWe Die FightingCarnage VictoryAt The Sabbat Of The Possessed (the Witches Ride Again)Crucified In HeavenBy Vengeance And Hatred We RideDenial Of Judas (heaven Betrayed)The Skeleton KeyDon't Break The OathMetal UndergroundCrosses Stained With BloodYour Darkest SaviourJourney To The City Of The Dreaming DeadOpen Wide The GateCeremonial Magician Of The Left Hand PathVictory Of Black SteelBroken RitesScreams Of The TorturedThe Rites Of SacrificeWargods Of MetalCrusaders Of The Metal BladeInvocation Of The Nameless OnesDeclaration Of WarIron LegionsSacred Bloody SteelAnointed By BloodshedHammer Of DestructionTrue Force Of Iron GloryTrapped In HellSword Of The KingSacred SteelReborn In SteelPurified By PainMetal Reigns SupremeKill The DeceiverIn The Mouth Of MadnessDethrone The Tyrant KingMaster Of Thy FateBy The Wrath Of The UnbornBlack ChurchTonight The Witches RideDark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone GateWhere Demons Dare To TreadLay Me To My GraveBlood On My SteelLet The Witches BurnLust For BloodRaise The Metal FistThe Oath Of BloodStormhammerFight It BackArmy Of MetalheadsPlague Of TerrorPagan HeartBattle Angel
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Related Information for Sacred Steel Sacred Steel is a heavy speed/power metal band from Germany formed in 1990 under the name of Variety of Arts. Then in 1992, they changed into Tragedy Divine before opting for Sacred Steel as definitive name since 1996.www.sacredsteel.eu.. read more