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Triumph Of DisintegrationChthonian Dirge For Uruk The OtherMonolithic EgressGratuitous AbyssesNursing SlopesAmbassador BridgeTrashed ExesA Sport And A PastimeDef PactsChap PilotChaos ArpeggiatingLet's RelateLes Chants De MaldororMy Fair LadyIt's Different For GirlsApollyon Of Blue RoomShe Ain't Speakin' NowThe Repudiated ImmortalsAlter EagleArt Snob SolutionsThe Past Is A Grotesque AnimalPeacock ParasolsJennifer LouiseGo Call Your MineCast In The Haze (been There Four Days)City BirdCharlie And FreddyLysergic BlissFriends Of MineLook At The BellI Was A Landscape In Your DreamGirl From Nyc (named Julia)ObviousatonicnuncioCoquet CoquetteForecast Fascist FutureMaple LicoricePredictably Sulking SaraIt's Just SoSo Begins Our AlabeeVegan In FursFlunkt Sass Vs The Root PlumeMy British Tour DiaryFrozen IslandTrue Friends Don't Want To Do Things Like ThatSteppin' OutWas Your Face A Head In The PillowcaseGodly IntersexKristiansandMy Favorite BoxerJoseph And AlexanderI Was Watching Your EyesJacques LamureIn The Army KidErroneous Escape Into Eric EcklessA Celebration Of H.hareFun Loving NunA Collection Of Poems About WaterOur Love Is SenileWicked WisdomBabyMingusingsThis Feeling (derek's Theme)Christmas Is Only Good If You're Not An AnimalIt's Easy To Sleep When You're DeadOld Familiar WayDon't Ask Me To ExplainIn Dreams I Dance With YouJulie The MouseDeath Is Not A Parallel MoveBeware Our Nubile MiscreantsCato As A PunI'd Be A Yellow Feathered LoonId EngagerFor Our Elegant CasteCutie Pie
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Related Information for Of Montreal of Montreal is an indie pop band which formed in Athens, Georgia, United States in 1997. The band is fronted by Kevin Barnes, who writes, composes, and plays most of the music for his albums.They were among the second wave of groups to emerge from The Elephant 6 Recording Company and the group has a style that is typical of many Elephant 6 bands due to their interest in combining musical experimentation with the basic tenets of pop i.e. catchy melodies and sing-along choruses. The band’s style.. read more