4th Movement: Still Coming At You lyricsRider On The Bones lyrics5th Movement: Spinning Back The Clocks lyrics11th Movement: Fleeing From Town lyrics16th Movement: The Egyptian Resort lyrics12th Movement: Hope: Victory Theme Part Ii lyrics2nd Movement: A Different Plane lyrics18th Movement: Life Eater lyrics3rd Movement: Human Prophecy lyrics16th Movement: The Pyramid lyricsAll Onboard The Perdition Hearze! lyricsDreadventurouz lyrics15th Movement: They Come You Go lyrics10th Movement: Someone Knows What Scares You lyrics3rd Movement: And Don't Ever Listen To What It Says lyrics7th Movement: Struck At Random - Outermost Fear lyricsThe Zkeleton Keyz To The Dead lyricsHaunted By Horror lyrics6th Movement: Soaring Over Dead Rooms lyrics1st Movement: Right On Time For Murder: The Hunt Part Ii lyrics19th Movement: A Soulflight Back To Life lyrics7th Movement: All Exits Blocked lyrics10th Movement: A Bad Case Of Nerves lyricsThe Castle Of Blackheim lyricsHater lyricsRavenclaw lyricsThe Sphere In Blackheim's Shrine lyricsBlackheim's Hunt For Nocturnal Grace lyricsUnder The Banner Of The Sentinel lyricsThe Eerie Obzidian Circuz lyricsRavendusk In My Heart lyricsThe Blazing Demondome Of Murmurs And Secrecy lyricsThe Walk Of The Hunchbacked lyricsBlackheim's Quest To Bring Back The Stolen Autumn lyrics7th Movement: The Enemy Is The Earth lyricsThiz Ghoultimate Omen lyrics13th Movement: Hesitant Behaviour lyricsBlackheim's Forest Kept The Season Forever lyricsAstray Within The Coffinwood Mill lyricsThe Darkblue Seajourneys Of The Sentinel lyricsCloaked By The Moonshine Mist lyricsUpon The Salty Wall Of The Broody Gargoyle lyricsThe Puzzling Constellation Of A Deathrune lyrics
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Related Information for Diabolical Masquerade Diabolical Masquerade is the avant-garde/atmospheric black metal solo project of Anders Nyström (aka Blakkheim), guitarist for Katatonia and Bloodbath, origins from Stockholm, Sweden. Nyström wanted to have a band where he could compose more extreme music while Katatonia were exploring more mellow themes and moods.All of the music on the first two albums were written and performed by Nyström, with guest vocal appearances from longtime collaborator Dan Swanö. Swanö later became an in.. read more