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Deceiving EyesTruth & AgonyHarlot On A PedestalBehind The Jagged MountainsInterlude (Creatures That Kissed In Cold Mirrors)Foetus Of A New Day KickingA Dream Of Wolves In The SnowNocturnal SupremacyOf Dark Blood And FuckingOf Mist And Midnight SkiesQueen Of Winter, ThronedShe Mourns A Lengthening ShadowSleeplessSummer Dying FastThe Black Goddess RisesThe Forest Whispers My NameThe Twisted Nails Of FaithThirteen Autumns And A WidowTo Eve The Art Of WitchcraftA Bruise Upon The Silent MoonAll Hope In EclipseAmor E MorteAn Enemy Led The TempestAs Deep As Any BurialMalice Through The Looking GlassA Crescendo Of Passion BleedingHer Ghost In The FogA Gothic RomanceA Murder Of Ravens In FugueBathory AriaBeauty Slept In SodomBeneath The Howling StarsBenighted Like UsherCthulhu DawnDeath Comes RippingDesire In Violent OvertureDusk And Her EmbraceEbony Dressed For SunsetEyes That Witnessed MadnessFrom The Cradle To EnslaveFuneral In CarpathiaHaunted ShoresHeaven Torn AsunderHell AwaitsBabalon A.d.Better To Reign In HellBlack MetalSatanic MantraScorched Earth EroticaSerpent TongueSodomy And LustSuicide And Other ComfortsTearing The Veil From GraceThank God For The SufferingThe Fire Still BurnsThe Principle Of Evil Made FleshThe Promise Of FeverThe Rape And Ruin Of AngelsThe Raping Of FaithThe Smoke Of Her BurningTortured Soul AsylumUnbridled At DuskStayNymphetamineSaffron's CursePresents From The Poison-heartedNo Time To CryBorn In A Burial GownCarrionCruelty Brought Thee OrchidsDamned In Any LanguageDarkness Our BrideDawn Of EternityDeath Magick For AdeptsDinner At Deviant's Palace
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Related Information for Cradle Of Filth Cradle of Filth is an extreme metal band, formed in Suffolk, United Kingdom in 1991. The band consists of Dani Filth (vocals), Marek "Ashok" Šmerda (guitar), Rich Shaw (guitar), Martin "Marthus" Škaroupka (drums) and Lindsay Schoolcraft (vocals, keyboards).In 1994, Cradle of Filth was signed to Cacophonous Records, on which they released their first album "The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh". Cacophonous also pressed the "Vempire or Dark Faerytales in Phalluste.. read more