I Was Wrong lyricsSummertime In Wintertime lyricsBody Rap lyricsBorn In The U.k. lyricsCelebrate lyricsCome On Eileen lyricsComing In To Land lyricsDegrees Of Separation lyricsFile Me Away lyricsGolden Days lyricsI Love You All lyricsLet The Sunshine In lyricsBlack And White Dream (demo) lyricsAbout A Boy lyricsA Journey Fom A To B lyricsTake The Glory lyricsThe Further I Slide lyricsThis Is That New Song lyricsTickets To What You Need lyricsUsing Our Feet lyricsWhat Is It Now lyricsYear Of The Rat lyricsYou Were Right lyricsIs There Nothing We Could Do? lyricsA Better Way lyricsMy Names Not Down lyricsNothing's Gonna Change Your Mind lyricsNursey Rhyme lyricsWelcome Me To Your World lyricsDon't Ask Me I'm Only The President lyricsSwimming Pool lyricsWithout A Kiss lyricsThe Way Things Used To Be lyricsYou Lied lyricsIn Safe Hands lyricsI Saw You Walk Away lyricsToo Many Miracles lyricsThe Order Of Things lyricsI'll Keep The Things You Throw Away lyricsWalk You Home Tonight lyricsThe Time Of Times lyricsOne Last Dance lyricsPlan B lyricsPromises lyricsPush Me, Pull Me lyricsSha La La lyricsThe Can Is Open lyricsThere's A Storm lyricsThinking Of You lyricsThunder Road lyricsWhere Were You lyricsWelcome To The Overground lyricsSpitting In The Wind lyricsA Minor Incident lyricsI Need A Sign lyricsIt Came From The Ground lyricsJewel Thief lyricsMagic In The Air lyricsMeet On The Horizon lyricsNo Point In Living lyricsOnce Around The Block lyricsOutside Is A Light lyricsPissing In The Wind lyricsRiver, Sea, Ocean lyricsRoad Movie lyricsFall In A River lyricsEverybody's Stalking lyricsA Peak You Reach lyricsAbove You, Below Me lyricsAnother Pearl lyricsBottle Of Tears lyricsCamping Next To Water lyricsCause A Rockslide lyricsChaos Theory lyricsDisillusion lyrics
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Related Information for Badly Drawn Boy Badly Drawn Boy is an independent musician, born Damon Gough October 2, 1969 in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, although the family returned to Bolton, Lancashire before Gough reached the age of one. Gough chose his stage name from a character that appeared in the cartoon show "Sam and His Magic Ball" which he saw on TV at a party in Trafford, Manchester in 1995. Before he thought of using this name he made some 'business cards', each one unique, with a printed picture of a d.. read more