Ying Yang Twins - What's Happnin'!
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What's Happnin'! Lyrics


(Hey x30)

BOOM! It's on bitch nigga we'll rock yo dome
BOOM! bitch whats happnin? (WHAT!)
BOOM! bitch whats happnin? (WHAT!)
BOOM! It's on bitch nigga we'll rock yo dome
BOOM! bitch whats happnin? (WHAT!)
BOOM! bitch whats happnin?

(Trick Daddy)
Ask that pussy ass nigga
Why he lookin at a nigga like he wanna run one with mah
Now i got my big gun with mah
Dont feel like dippin i feel like shootin
And i dont like ya attitude
You do shit that them hoes on the rag would do
Hoe fag its you better watch ya mouth
Before i be in front ya house when ya ass come out
Hoe bitch ass
Hold another nigga dick ass
Snitch ass.nigga
Keep lookin at a nigga like you gonna tell sumthin
I'll fuck around and kill ya
So yo? gray yo
If this shit get silly im lettin it go
First street on the front seat
You ever come my way
Theres gonna be gun play
Hey! i ride with the AK
Get high spit fire out the AK
Ok let a nigga play and watch 2 double D's knock ya ass off the front seat
? Kinda chevy boy we drive candy toys
And tote guns gallore
I treat the Hummer like a Tonka Toy and got shoot you niggas aint seen before


(Ying Yang Twins)
Ying Yang in the T double D
We can get in this muthafucka park in this muthafucka
And i dont need those with a mind or boy
And i still like to play with my tonka toy
Im a Toys 'R' Us kid yes i is
You cant be serious, yes i is
You think im playin then ask my brotha
Still dont believe me then ask my motha
Cuz i love my gun
I play with my gun
I fundle my gun
Have sex with my gun
And i dont pull that muthafucka out for fun
Cuz i aint feelin to give yo ass time to run
Ima bust one time, bust two time, by the third time your ass is mine
Gone be down for the count, he cant get up
Damn, he fallen he cant get up


Wassup muhfucka, in a fag (Muhfucka)
If you mad cuz you like it neva had (Muhfucka)
Fuck yo ass, thats the past (Muhfucka)
And i kno the fact make you mad (Muhfucka)
What the fuck nigga think it aint (Fer Real)
Ying Yang and we off the chain
In the T double D we bo-low
Fuck hoes nigga ride by my go-low
Gimme the keys to my car and ill jump in
Leave the liquor store by my city Bars and Gin
Get drunk and im off in the wind
Lookin for a lil itty bitty pretty that can hold us in

We smokin and ridin
dont tell nobody be quiet
Not cuttin lil buddy
Cant let this shit get ugly


(Hey x30)

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