Difference In Me Lyrics

There's something in the silence
I never used to feel
There's something about knowing
That tells you this is real
When you're close
all I know I don't want to let you go

Hello happiness
Tell me where you've been
I missed the sound of your voice
missed the touch of your skin
It's no secret I'm Not who I used to be
Anyone can see
You're the difference in me
Oh the difference

I'm standing at your doorstep
Let me look into your eyes
We could strip away the secrets
Between you and me tonight

Won't you say it's OK
Let the world just fade away


Yeah the difference in me
The difference
When you're close all I know I don't want to let you go


Yeah the difference in me
Oh the difference
There's something in the silence I never used to feel

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Songwriter(s): Wayne Anthony Hector, Samantha Jo Moore, Wayne Hector, John Shanks
Copyright: Sony/ATV Tunes LLC, Sammy Jo Prod. Inc., Tone Ranger Music, BMG Fm Music Ltd., Universal Music - Careers, Romanline Prod. Ltd., WB Music Corp.
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Meaning to "Difference In Me" song text (7 meanings)
OLAMIDE 07/21/12,05:02

This song is a song of the heart!!Prospects of love and sincerity in a relationship!In short,it's a wonderful package from westlife especially Shane!Really,it was Shane voice!!!
Mosemigel Tbroz 03/10/12,10:16

this song means alot..imean true love can kill its just about taking care of your love frigile heart...otherwise this song is my favourite for this album..Cheerz brothers...
Madie 03/03/12,16:52

Its shane's voice... Vry deep n touched meanin' of d song... I do love this song n I alwys listnin' as my fav....
Megan Beth 02/06/12,05:24

All you people saying its Kian singing this song are absolute idiots. Kian doesn't sing the main parts. its clearly Shane, you canhere his voice loud and clear
Man 02/02/12,07:31

To be honest with u guys song is awesome love song, well westlife most song awesome and it sang kian.
L 08/18/11,16:10

I absolutely love this song - definitely up there as being one of the best on the album!! Shane's voice is so soothing.. Awesome album!
shyne lain 03/16/11,22:02

i really love this song...wanna know why?simply because it is the reflection of my thoughts about a person named SHANNEY.....
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