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365 Days Lyrics

Monday, well baby I fell for you
Tuesday, I wrote you this song
Wednesday, I wait outside your door,
Even though I know its wrong

7 days a week
Every hour of the month
Gotta let you
Know where my heart
Is coming from
I shouldn't feel this way
But I gotta say
Baby I gotta let you know

I will try everything
To make you come
Closer to me
And baby do you believe
it's not just a phase
How can I get it through
To tell you
What I can't lose
I'll try 365 days
365 ways to get to you

To get to
You, you, you, you Baby

Every second
Every tick tick of the clock (Every second)
I want you all to myself (all to myself)

Every second
Every tick tick of the clock
I just can't help myself
Feeling kinda guilty but girl i can't stop
I don't want nobody else
No one else
No one else

I will try everything
To make you come closer to me
I'll try 365 days
365 ways to get to you

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JADE 09/30/12,06:32

after the shoot me and andre had a big hug and then i walked to tori and said well done not like you would see that on screen :( but we are friends and i only used our stage names so everybody knew and here is everyone
Victoria 05/28/12,13:44

Omg i lv this song but i really wanna sing it to my crush but i dont know if he likes me i like him so much what should i do. were only in the 3rd grade. i love him so much. this song makes me wanna s
Tara Knudsen 03/31/14,08:51

I love this song. It is my favorite song. This song to me is about telling someone that you love them even if they do not actually know it is for them in the first place. My best friend sang this to me for my b-day.
real shelby 05/27/12,21:38

i like the song but my favorite is when jade sings @ the beginning and singsits all ok + what crush are you talking about and if its andray you people are on way to many drugs and sould not be talkin
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