Cosmic Shame Lyrics

Okay, uh...
If I could say just one thing to y'all tonight...
I'd say set the artist free. M'talkin' bout this artist, in here. Just set it free.
I'm saying: Quit your day job. Now I know what you're saying "I can't quit my day job. I got kids to feed, Jack."
Quit your day job.
focus on your craft. Just once, before it's all over, you've died, you've squandered it.
You fuckin robots!
And after a couple of years, of you focusing earnestly on your craft, KG and I will swoop, we'll check out your progress, and encourage you: To continue!!
Or we can say STOP!
And then seriously you must stop.
Or penalties will be created and enforced.
Cause listen: This is the problem:
Sometimes you follow your heart,
sometimes your heart cuts a fart (poot)
thats the cosmic shame.
Thats the cosmic sha-ha-ha-ame.
and I know what you're saying now: You're saying "what makes you guys so fucking good!?"
I don't know! and I don't like it! I stay up laughing, going why can't everybody fucking have it? Cause some people learn it in the streets,some people learn it in the schools, but me and KG we were fucking born with it homes, just check it out:
that came off my fucking head yall (off top his head yall) x8
Thats the cosmic SHAME!

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Songwriter(s): Jack Black, Kyle Richard Gass
Copyright: Buttflap Music, Time For My Breakfast
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