My Friend Lyrics

Mrs. Lovett: [Spoken]
My, them handles is chased silver, ain't they?

Todd: [Spoken]
Silver, yes.
(Quietly, looking into the box)
These are my friends
See how they glisten.
(Picks up a small razor)
See this one shine
How he smiles in the light
My friend, my faithful friend.

(Holds it to his ear, feeling the edge with his thumb)
Speak to me friend—
Whisper, I'll listen.
I know, I know
You've been locked out of sight
All these years, like me, my friend
Well, I've come home
To find you waiting
And we're together
And we'll do wonders,
Won't we?

(Mrs. Lovett, who has been looking over his shoulder,
starts to
feel his other ear lightly, absently, in her own
trance. Todd lays
the razor back in the box and picks out a larger one)

Todd: Mrs. Lovett:
You there my friend I'm your friend, too, Mr. Todd
Come let me hold you If you only knew, Mr. Todd
Now, with a sigh Ooh, Mr. Todd
You grow warm You're warm
In my hand In my hand
My friend You've come home
My clever friend Always had a fondness for you,
I did

Rest now my friend Never you fear, Mr. Todd
Soon I'll unfold you You can move in here, Mr. Todd
Soon, you'll know splendors Splendors—
You never have dreamed You never have dreamed
All your days All your days will be yours!
My lucky friends I'm your friend, and you're mine
Till now your shine Don't they shine beautiful?
Was merely silver Silver's good enough for me
Friends, you shall drip rubies Mr. T...
You'll soon drip precious

(Todd holds up the biggest razor to the light as the
soars sweetly, then stops. He speaks into the silence)
Todd: [Spoken]
At last! My right arm is complete again!

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Marcalene 06/12/12,13:34

Sweeney Todd is the most amazing murderer EVER! Iwish i could meet that poor twisted soul. I like Ms.Lovett to she so different! They're both just so different and amazingly awesome! I LOVE THIS MOVIE
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