Lil Loco Youngsta Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ese Daz]
One in the morning, holmes, I walk outside
To see what's going on, what's poppin' tonight
I see my homie Lil' Pee Wee
Smoking some shurn
Letting it burn real easy
Headed for the motherfuckin' spot
Where fools make moola, just slangin' that rock
And watch your back from the Foolish Lil' Youngsta
Crazy ass, bald-headed cholos takin' over
Putting in much work out on the calles
From the Harbor Area, all the way down to the valle
Throwin' up their clicka
They live to die in the streets of the reifa
And got a lot of fucking pride in what they do
It's the crazy ass life in the barrios, fool
For motherfuckin' life
They don't give a fuck and they live to die

[Hook: Ese Rich Rock]

[Verse 2:]
I squeeze the trigger as soon as it came
They call him Chico when he's the man
Thirteen years old and got his (???) beds
Bumblebee shirt and a rag on his head
A .22 sittin' in his fuckin' pocket
Ready to fuckin' blast when somebody tries to take his cash
Cause that's all he has to live for
Slangin' that G-ride, weed and Crystol
So he can roll like the ballers do
A clean ass ride, big phone and a gang of fools
Because he has shit poppin'
And has your heina's pannies droppin'
That's how it is in the Harbor streets
Fuck all the bitches and kill all your enemies
For motherfuckin' life
They don't give a fuck and they live to die


[Verse 3:]
Point the fuckin' gun to your motherfuckin' head
Give up the cash or your ass is dead
A little crazy vato standing four feet tall
Ready to kill, holmes, they gots the balls
So I suggest that you just give up the cash
Or else you'll end up being another story from the past
A little cholo's everyday routine
Jackin' up the vato and come up with the green, hmm
And these little locos are greedy
Won't even give up any to the fucking needy
So veteranos, you have to watch out
If you try to jack the youngsta, you might get taken out (Watch out)
We try to unveil the ropes of the game
So if they kill you, you got yourself to blame
For motherfuckin' life
They don't give a fuck and they live to die

[Hook x2]

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