Best Over All Lyrics

Best Over All
Artist: Sizzla

Dat's all she need Yah!!! A di sittin weh mi have a
please har!!! Yo!!!
Dat's all she need ah ha!!!! A di sittin weh mi have a
please har!!!

Proudly present I'm di best overall
This a nuff fi all yuh pretty girls dem weh inna
OK!!! Proudly present were di best overall
Bun out babylon they stand no chance at all

Verse 1:
Sizzla Kalonji seh fi, play di music, a she did choose
Nah refuse it, mi come fi prove it, now she wanna know
How I do it, got to know it
She waan to know my name or mon where my avenue is
I'm, gettin to it, sinkin through it, full har a fluid
Har soft spongy breast I put my hands to it
Then I fool with from yuh mama do it
Mi come fi rule it, so mek dem go through it, HEY!!!

Proudly present I'm di best overall, Kalonji sing dat
song yah
Fi all di pretty girls dem weh inna di dancehall
OK!!! Yeah you go to proudly present your di best
Wuy yah wuy, hey, big up pon all di woman weh inna di

Verse 2:
Hear mi now then hear mi now now boom!
Mek da beat, tek da street, some wah beat
Buss di airwave money fi spent food fi eat
And yuh feel it, tun up di heat, woman dem sexy and
Yeah mi see it, from west to east, listen my speech,
man a teach
Babylon mi bun dem dem a beast
Emperor Selassie I's da greatest, and di woman dem love
mi a keep

Proudly present I'm di best overall, now play dat one
Mi seh fi play dat one yah mek it bun dung di dancehall
OK!!! Hey, proudly present she's di best overall
Hey, uh, big up di pretty face they dance, dem inna di

Verse 3:
Could yah know, this yah powers mi haffi advance it
Pon har land fi mi send mi go plant it
Night or day she a tell mi seh she waan it
Well yuh know mi haffi chance it yo
Have di van from yuh know dat mi zealous
She see mi wid some other girl, she get jealous
Yo, hey, more splender more glory dat's wah di girls
dem tell us, BOOM!!

Proudly present I'm di best overall
Kalonji big up di ghetto girls dem inna di dancehall
And we proudly present were di best overall, OH AH!!!
Mi tell har seh fi play dat one alone yah inna di
dancehall...come again

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