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Lazy Afternoon Lyrics


It's a lazy afternoon
(summertime, as I recline, lay back and relax, let the sun shine)

Verse 1

[black thought]

Consider this a message to my mellow in the front seat
Of the jeep pumpin' beats for your rump
In the summertime I'm risin' to the shine at 12: 20
Ghetto streets are sunny, niggas is gettin' money
It's mad hot, and what I got to do I'm not sure of
I call up maura, this dip I know from bora bora
Was rappin' for a second about what I reckoned that i

Was doin' at six, she was invitin' me to the flicks
That I'm with, blew a kiss now I'm in the shower
I meant the bath in which I simmer for half an hour
Then got drier, put on attire to inspire
Hit my dresser for numbers of women that I admire
Laid around and lounged 'til around two
Then I got up and ate, drank a brew and caught a page from the crew
Sayin' where ya at? later, meet us up at the plat
Bring a sack, ayo it's saturday, it's gonna be fat
Now it's 3: 37 and I still ain't left the rest
Electric relaxation from a tribe called quest
With the boom, tokin', smokin', coolin' out
As I parlay in my room 'cause it's a lazy afternoon

Other verses as verse 1, with the following variations:

Verse 2: this dip I knew from bora bora
'cause it's a lazy aaaaaahh! (dental style:-)

Verse 3: I'm in the shower
A page from my crew
Bring a sack, nigga, it's saturday

Songwriter(s): Richard Rudolph, Collins, Thompson, Hubbard, Arthur Phillips
Copyright: Embassy Music Corporation, Embassy Music Corporation O.B.O. Art Phillips Music Publishing, Embassy Music Corp. O/B/o Dickiebird Music
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