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Shit Hard Lyrics

Shit hard like crack, nigga
Flip cards, all black, nigga
Shit hard like crack, nigga
Flip cards, all black, nigga

[Verse 1]
Platinum ratchets, dirt bikes weavin' through traffic
Twist the cheeba, my bitch whip the two-seater
Grip the nina, live by the marina, hyena
Shout-out my lawyer, Bob Kalina, I beat cases
Move shapeless, Cuban barber, revolver
Smooth legwear, alligator headband
Money wrapped in bands, my mans is bubbling grams
I look like Birdman when rubbin' his hands
Persian housekeeper, squeeze street sweepers
You'll find shells from the streets, it's like Easter
Wild Kingdom, the concrete version – perversions
I've got a way with words, it's disturbing
It's a burden, so many bitches it's a whirlwind
The blow soft like girl skin...
The world I'm in, sterling with the fin
The coloured tint, my gun come with a twin, gotta tuck 'em in
Curb your bitch, she 'bout a buck ten
That's a lightweight, a mean shoe made of white snake
I wear a hardhat in the booth, I'm blue collar
My flow's smooth like the behind on a toddler
Twirl the ganga while I ponder, and let the hoes wander


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