He Walked On Water Lyrics

He wore starched white shirts buttoned at the neck,
and he'd sit in the shade and watch the chickens peck.
And his teeth were gone, but what the heck,
I thought that he walked on water.

He said he was a cowboy when he was young.
He could handle a rope and he was good with a gun.
And my mama's daddy was his oldest son,--
and I thought that he walked on water.


If the story's told, only heaven knows.
But his hat seemed to me like an old halo.
And although his wings, they were never seen.
I thought that he walked on water.

Then he tied a cord to the end of a mop,
and said, "Son, here's a pony, keep her at a trot."
And I'd ride in circles while he laughed alot.
Then I'd flop down beside him.

And he was ninety years old in sixty-three
and I loved him and he loved me.
And lord, I cried the day he died,

'cause I thought that he walked on water.


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Roger D. Felts 10/21/12,14:25

This video means a lot to me it reminds me of my great grandfather.My mom's paw paw.And he played with me justlike in the video,i was about5or6 yr,s old at the time.Also the very strange part he was 90 in 1963,this brings back so many good memories of my childhood. THANKSIs there any way to getacopy
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