Pokemon Battle Frontier Lyrics


It's a battle win or lose
It's the friends you make
It's the road you choose

You got the right stuff
So make your mind up
Find the courage inside of you

If ya strong, you'll survive
And you'll keep your dream alive
It's the Battle Frontier
Be the best you can be
And find your destiny
It's the master plan
The power's in your hands!

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rafaelbuster 08/23/11,00:09

i agree with the people down here saying about pokemon how gay it was BLACK AND WITE IS SHET i grew up with pokemon now look at it its all crap i miss may ok she was the best
Treez 06/28/11,18:10

@Justin BeiberSucks Thank you!! Someone who agrees with me about Dawn!! She's one of the most irritating Pokemon characters! Also, I love your username! Justin Bieber does suck!
Michaela Tamayo 03/30/11,06:19

I love this song. :) Pokemon Battle Frontier was Pokemon's best season yet. I hate the season in Sinnoh. :PP the episodes are not well thought out. Oh, and the song rocks!
Justin BeiberSucks 07/24/10,23:41

I agree with Yu-Gi-OhFan Battle Frontier was the last good season. The new seasons are horrible, espeacially with Dawn. She's so annoying!
Yu-Gi-OhFan 07/22/10,18:35

Battle Frontier was the last good season of Pokemon. Now all the episodes are just boring and not thought out. They just slapped something together for the last few seasons. This was my favorite theme
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