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A Message From Our Sponsors Lyrics

With open eyes and my mouth shut
The wheels turn, I keep my mouth shut
With open ears and my mouth shut
The cog grinds, I keep my mouth shut

Welcome to your cage, your capital,
Your city centre of excecution
Where the foundations of every architectural feat
Were laid with the bones of the downtrodden underfoot

And born in the boardroom by corporate thugs
Within these glass and steel monuments to power
This enhanced virus replicates itself
Increasingly perfect with every new version

So peculiar, so comforting in its claustrophobia
Spinning this sickening helix of destruction
Destroying individuality and independence
And locking down every new line of thought and movement from now

Restricting creation and the ability to think
Congratufuckinglations, you've the great fortune to be born
Into this brave new world of propaganda and hatred
Launched at me through flickering screens of the omnipresent tv

We buy therefore we are
Create this tapestry of misery
Hold it, sold and controlled
Within glass, swollen

Falling just short of the dumb and the cynical
Falling in between both the preachers and the miracle
I refuse to be infected with a sentence or a syllable
Dripping from your mouth with the passion of a corpsefuck

The ritual
Just say yes

The spiritual
Just say yes

Just say YES
Just say YES
Just say YES
Just say YES

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