Nicki Minaj - 5 Star Chick Remix
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5 Star Chick Remix Lyrics

I just had an epiphany I need to go to Tiffany's
Fendi on my slippers and my cookies always slippery
I dont need help I pay the bills on time
So I be yellin fuck 'em with a deal don't sign
5 Lil Mama you a 3 star
I aint sleepin' when I say im in my dream car
Oh did I stutta Harajuku hyphen


Im hot I think its time to put the rice in
I was sittin in the chair I was gluin my weave in
When you hit the stage they was booin and leavin
Young Money red flag no more auditions
Ask Lil Wayne who the 5 star bitch is1

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swaggasooffical 03/05/11,20:27

niki u needa stfu u swear u di shish u aint ii u needa stop being fake why u think they call u barbie lil mama look betta den u so go siit down then holla wen u get real u in a dreamhouse this fantacy
iko 12/15/10,11:58

baby bucz all in a purple lavander donk killin haters wit a gator interior trunk boop bop bang yea thats my gang and making trunks bank yea thats my thang designer frames and madden games dolce and ga
staneshaLOUiSiANAbarbie 04/23/10,13:26

omgg youre so freakinn awesomee andd ii dont judgee youu byy thee wayy youu rap becausee youu cantt judgee a bookk byy its coverr.deep downn insidee youu probablyy reall andd downn to earthh.LOVee yha
brxcuttie2shoez 03/24/10,19:12

lil missgirl need to get her facts straight and stop hating on nikki minaj caz she probly lokk way better than you do (nh) lolz need to stop hattin and start appericatin until u get as nikki shut up!
Nae 12/04/09,20:58

Nicki killd the whole thing! Trina Step Your Cookies Up.. Your like 48 and still tryna rap...Hmmm.But who cares if Trina had Wayne before Nicki.. She is like the hottest female rapper out RIGHT NOW!!!
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