New Boyz - Dirty Mind (ft. Mann)
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Dirty Mind Lyrics (ft. Mann)

Ay, I gotta dirty mind
All I think about is fuckin all da time
All da time, I gotta dirty mind
Dirty mind, I gotta dirty mind
[I just wanna (f**k -3x) -4x]

1st verse : Mann
Uh, forget dirty.
Girl, I gotta icky mind.
Forget missionary, girl.
I'm thinkin 69.
Ay, I'm thinkin t*tties and poonanie (nanie).
Get between ya legs, and eat it like its candy.
I'm thinkin Jolly Rancher (cher).
Girl,I want chu to be my private dancer (cer).
Answer dis question for me.
Is it wrong (wrong) dat I'm always horny?
Lil mama...


2nd verse : Ben-J
One chick, two chick, three chick, fo' (Yeah)
When I walk through da do', it's a f**k fest
You know. (Haha)
I whip it out, girl.
You seen it on my icon
Tsk, wow.
Girl, you f**kin witta python.
Whew, you nasty.
I know you use ya face.
When you drunk it up, you talkin
Witta mouthful of milkshake
I get split a little
Gon put your a** up
We bout to f**k, s**t
Now its time to max out


3rd verse : Legacy
Ayy, haha, Legacy.
Look at L-7
Girl, you pipin da women
Got da Gatorade swipe
I be like, "Is it in you?"
She be like, (girl) "H**l yea, Daddy."
OH, now you wanna taste?
You gotta lotta cars
But you neva rode a face
Da girl freakier than the vixens dat i know
Cuz she taste a nut
Like she lickin a cycle
"Oh you got me flowers?, I think I'm in love"
I'm like, "Wah, wah, wah, b**ch, I jus wanna


these lyrics are submitted by Tionna Howard
these lyrics are last corrected by BrianaNewman<3

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Meaning to "Dirty Mind (ft. Mann)" (1 meaning)
*True Meaning Of Barbie* 12/11/09,13:49

ay i think this is the proudest moment of meh bein a freakin like ya kno all he time i thought i was wrong to think the way i did but now im over it man i gotta dirty mind i think bout oral all da tim
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