Yu Lyrics

[Hook: Domo Genesis]
I can't give a fuck 'bout what you sayin', what you talkin'
I be sparkin', nigga, I'm just tryna smoke my weed
Watch me as I'm floatin' and I'm fallin', never stallin', hella awesome
Baby, I'mma give you what you need
Blowin' on some GAS in a Swisher with some hash in the middle
Dawg, I'm chokin', homie, I can't breathe
Got me screamin'
“Fuck them other niggas, 'cause I'm down for my niggas”
Keep on smokin' it 'til my eyes bleed, until my eyes bleed...

[Verse 1: Domo Genesis]
She fit until my vision bleeds from the pot
Fiend for the Mellow Team 'cause we the cream of the crop
Single a spot, we schemin', infrared beams for the top
Give you the verbal use of drugs, people, you need it or not, or not
Or what? We hot as fuck, fuck nigga, you out of luck
I've been kickin' knowledge since my fuckin' pockets knotted up
You was still a novice when my confidence was plotted up
Makin' the most of what this bullshit world allotted us

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