Hood Took Me Under Lyrics

((VERSE 1))
I got another gnag story to tell (???)
about how a nigga was born in hell
and right then and there its no hope cuz the niggas cant escape the gangs and the dope. DAMN!
and when itz black on black that makes it shitty
cant survive in the compton city
and fools (????????)
cuz when you grow up in the hood you gotz to claim a city. CHEA!
its not that you want to but you have to
dont be a mark cuz the niggaz might (laugh?) ya
straight off tha muthafukin block
(????) wit bustaz cuz they ass is gettin clocked. CHEA!
who givez a fuck bout another
only got love for my fuckin gang brothaz. CHEA!
but Im young so no-body would wonder that the hood would take me under

always strapped and ready to peel a cap...
the hood that took me under

((VERSE 2))
Now Im a few ages older
got hair on my nutz and im a lil bit boulder
and putting it work I has to do my fuckin part
Im down for the hood and itz planted in the heart. FOOL!
at school slappin on the girlz asses
fuck the white education so I skip alot of classes
cuz aint no teaching a nigga white reality
teach me the muthafuckin game mentality.
POP! POP! POP! drops the sucka
if hez from another hood I gotz to shoot the muthafucka. CHEA!
Im in it to win it and cant quit. FOOL!
and ready to die for this shit.
one timez cant fade the game, tuff.
puttin my foot in yo ass to make times rough
Im the neighborhood terror but I never wondered
that the hood would take me under

always strapped and ready to peel a cap...
the hood that took me under
(police's stop?) but im watchin my back...

((VERSE 3))
I guess I watch my back cuz niggaz Jeff in times hurt his brotha wit the 187
I thought was homie dropped the dime
so I gotta peel his cap wit the nine. FOOL!
if its on then its on
fuck it (T.B.??)
cuz had the other lookin fool
its either him or me
so I loadz up the strap and I step
cuz my brain cellz are dead and all Im thinking is death, revenge
CHEA thatz what its all about
see the sucka
take the muthafucka out!
stare the fool down wit the eye contact
he tried to swing so i draw him wit the gap
blast was the sound i one time heard of
nigga 25 the life for the murder
was it all worth it? I alwayz wonder
maybe if the hood didnt take me under

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Songwriter(s): Michael Bryant, Christopher Dorsey, Aaron B. Tyler
Copyright: Music Corp. Of America Inc., Chopper City Music Publishing, Bright Light Music Inc., Ultra Empire Music, Grandma'S Hands Music
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