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Maybe if I liked being alone I could give you your life back and let you go.
Maybe if I got it together again I wouldn't be belligerent and such a princess.
Maybe the reason I'm so needy is because I never had real devotion.
Maybe I criticized your loyalty because it wasn't given to me.

Do you know who I am.
It's me in here with the doctor and the crowd around me.
They are my chosen family.
I guess I'm important, but what about them standing there they can't get in.
They're smiling at me, I guess they're used to this.

Maybe I'll stop wondering when I'm gonna die.
Maybe then I'll stop holding so hard to my life.
Maybe next time I see my reflection my mind won't be with me.
Maybe my brutal honesty is only because I can get away with it.
Maybe I'll squash you relentlessly because you tried to crush me.

Please get out of my way I don't like f**king waiting.
You need to bring me my food first I'm not the one you want to starve.
Maybe you think you're my friend.
Maybe one day you'll give a shit about what I am.

I guess you're not important, but what about you standing there you can't get in.
You're smiling at me I guess you're used to this.

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musicstuff 01/22/11,13:42

Why are all of your songs so angry & without a story? If your songs had a story to it then people would buy them and relate to them. we all understand anger, and frustration, and no real closures.
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