Ill Never Take A Break Lyrics

But i never take a break
i never take a break
till i see heaven in the gates
i stick that metal in ya face and now they call ya
chrome face
fuck wit me better bring ya lunch cuz its gonna be a
long day


fuck what ya heard like my dick against ya eardrum
swagger so sharp weezy where you get the spear from
i can make you the son yo momma never hear from
let the tough talk walk and watch how ya fear run
yah and fuck the world is my assignment
and i promise you gonna feel me like blind men
roll or roll over like front wheel alignment
tell them lil niggas dont come near the giant


uhh now im smellin my self flow sicker than shit
where the hell is my hell startin to feel like makaveli
myself watch i put that mothafuckin mack 11 to ya scalp
yes my maybach i swear that bitch a donkey
had to get the long body cuz tha short one didnt want
mothafucka im ill hungry still greedy thats why my
first week i got a mill
its young money open the bar
if they dont know who if they dont know who we is
i bet they know who we are
no kelly just n.o. and l.a.
we come to fuck shit up like broke levys
gotta gotta phony bitch i swear she a medic
sometimes she give me head and it just get rid of my

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