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Closer Lyrics

Stranded in this spooky town
Stoplights are swaying and the phone lines are down
This floor is crackling cold, she took my heart, I think she took my soul
With the moon I run far from the carnage of the fiery sun

Driven by the strangle of vein showing no mercy I do it again,
Open up your eye, you keep on crying baby, I?ll bleed you dry
Skies they blink at me, I see a storm bubbling up from the sea

And it's coming closer
And it's coming closer

You shimmy shook my bone leaving me stranded all in love on my own
Do you think of me? Where am I now? Baby where do I sleep?
Feel so good but I'm old, 2000 years of chasing's taking its toll

And it?s coming closer
And it?s coming closer
And it?s coming closer
And it?s coming closer

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Songwriter(s): Anthony Caleb Followill, Matthew Followill, Ivan Nathan Followill, Nathan Followill, Jared Followill, Caleb Followill
Copyright: Coffee Tea Or Me Publishing, Martha Street Music, Music Of Windswept, Mcfearless Music, Windswept Music, Songs Of Southside Independent Music Publishi, Followil
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Meaning to "Closer" song text (18 meanings)
Naomie 10/11/12,18:11

At first i thought it was about love, then biblical, now after reading about the drug thing, IDK, but i love it, and i will figure it out. Love it KOL!!
Bj 09/17/12,09:49

This song is about kol doing drugs and feeling like vampires.. Said it himself at a concert, before they sang this song.. One of my favs!
Maria 12/18/11,16:44

You know that (unbelievable i know..)Caleb said that he likes you can't actually say that they are too good for the movie:D
Becks 10/28/11,10:03

Ive loved Kings of Leon since i was a little girl and i love twilight too, i dont care as long as i get to love them both; this song is beautiful though and honestly helps so much when im down! KOL
new Kings of leon Lover 07/07/11,14:33

this songs deep. so much meaning. this is music not that crap everyone else sings about. Think Im a silent fan deep down :)
mel 06/21/11,19:17

no no no dis song dnt belong in a stupid twilight movie kings of leon wont even let glee sing their songs so wat makes u think kings of leon wuld put 1 of there songs in a stupid movie??
Brogan 12/19/10,20:32

KOL is way to good for twilight. Twilight is for people who follow trends and are posers. The audience of twilight wouldn't even get the song. Plus kings of leon would not sell out like that!
Emmelynne 01/16/10,08:38

Good God, this song is perfect. Dark, depressive, dramatic and also incredibly emotional. But I don't think it would apply well in the Twilight movie scheme,'cause it's way too deep. Nice Work, KoL!
JaredsBabe.AntiTwi 12/10/09,02:18

Sorry dudes, this song cannot go anywhere near twilight, it might get twiaids. KoL are legends, dont put Kol and twilight in the same sentence, your humiliating KoL.
taylor 11/25/09,23:50

You guys are all right about this song. It should be in any of the twilight movies. It's a beautiful song.
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