Kevin Bloody Wilson - The All-time Losers Blues (part 2)
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The All-time Losers Blues (part 2) Lyrics

Hello Mama nice to here you finally gettin' out'a there,
You say about this time next year? Well we'll both be happy then,
What's that? They gonna hang you? Well I'll be damned,
Ain't that the darnedest thing you ever hear,
Life sure is full'a little surprises.

Well they set the date for Mama, it was spring or was it summer?
Oh goddamn, what a bummer look, I don't remember now,
I just know that it was freezin' there was no leaves on them trees and
So maybe it was winter damn sad day is all I know,
'Cause they went ahead and hung her, yep three they damn sure
swung her,
That's how I last saw my Mama up there danglin' from a rope,
And I guess the only thing that's pleasin' was knowin's when we all
Least my Mama never had to walk back through all that freezin'
damn snow,
Whoa dammit it was a fall.

Well you think that day was sad you should'a seen the coffin that we
Made for Mama, damn thing wouldn't fit,
Too short by least a yard, so I rang the guy and I ah do...
Do we get a discount or what in this damn thing? I wouldn't trust you
to build me a john,
Well one word led to another, I went round to see that mother,
I got so angry I hit him with a plank and, killed that sucker dead,
Then the police come and get me, and them good ol' boys they hit
With a murder rack said they was goin' hang me by the neck,
Ain't funny how things always happen in twos.

Now I'm sittin' in this prison, wishin' that I'd listened to Mama when I
kissed her
On the forehead that last time,
And the tender words she told me, from beneath the hood and
blindfold standin' high up on that scaffold,
I couldn't hear a goddamn thing she was just makin' all these mufflin'
I couldn't hear a thing.

Now I'm standin' with this rope here, tight around my throat here
Can I borrow someone's coat here oh no I don't wanna catch a cold,
'Cause I'm about to meet my maker,
And I hope my Mama's waitin' with a plate of things in bakin' for me
on the other side.

Hello Mama, "Is that you son?
You sound like you're 'bout to catch a bit of a cold".

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