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We Mobbin Lyrics

All this god damn positivity in the room ...This shit
is just unrealistic!
Where the god damn haters in the room?
You gotta have a hater in the room !
trend setter
Hmmm is there a hater in the room?
Uh, is there a hater in the room?
Is there a hater in the room?

One, two three! yawww
Fuck you niggers swear i care bout everything but these
niggers ohhh
dont pay no child support niggers
Hey ..
I told the judge im not gonna talk about my baby daddy
no more .
So fuck you bitches,
swear i care bout everything but you bitches
Yall be some hating arse bitches
I aint thinkin bout yall bitches staking my ritches
Cause you're some dick drunk bitches!
That nigger learnt he aint getting no bitches
Why you're worried about these niggers,
Got our own shit, we dont fuck with gold diggers.
pussy get you stung just like honey do !
Yeah, that's right nigger, bitches get money, too!
I pull over in a two seater only two.
being a bad bitch cause that's just what I do!
And Im quick to tell a nigger fuck you!
Move back, dirty money coming through!
Cause im a mother fucking pimp
look Up in the sky's see my name on a blimp
Cause Im a mother fucking problem

Bitch you got a grammy but ill come and rob one
While you re tweet me with me, I'll fight with
bitches, That be singing off key nooo wooo
if im doing it ....just mind yall fucking buisness ....
im such a bad bitch.... have we got a mother fucking

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