You're Beautiful Lyrics

My life is brilliant.

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yeah, she caught my eyes,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
Flying high, [ - video/radio edited version]
Fucking high, [ - CD version]
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.
You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

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Songwriter(s): James Blount, Amanda Gosein, Sacha Skarbek, Ricky Ross
Copyright: Poor Music Company Limited, Emi Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Ltd., Bucks Music Group Ltd.
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Meaning to "You're Beautiful" song text (140 meanings)
Ken 09/10/12,02:56

Yah it happens u mit a gal she's z wit sm1 one else n u both got a crush on each other bt u dnt wont 2 go btn eir relationship so u pretend its just a drim n mov on
Finlay 11/24/14,04:03

Something reminds me of heartbreaks,some people usually want to be with those who do not really mind caring about them in as far as love is concerned,yet there are so many who really love them.
sarah 11/23/12,11:05

to me this song tells me of someone that i liked and he did not even notice. he acted like he liked me but it all was a joke.
martin 10/13/12,06:51

when youre stuck in a black bottomles pit of broken dreams and emotions, all you feel is the tears falling down in your hands.. And in your hands is a little spark.. It is trying to hold you alive, but slowly it is being drowned in your salty tears..
gena 11/05/12,10:17

something always brings me back to you never takes to long i still feel you to the moment im gone but this time your not coming back so just let me be
OBX 08/05/12,09:56

I know you don't care. I don't blame you.It was all my fault.I have no excuses, but there were reasons.You were the one for me.I'm so sorry.I still love you!
Shrikar 07/23/12,00:07

I met a girl ,and it happened like love at first site ! we were in relationship . later I broke up coz she didnt gave time to me . and now I'm dying for her .. ;( please baby come back I need you ..my
Wish another way 07/22/12,18:23

I sow an angel 2 years ago,I loved her more from everything,4mounths ago I tried to talk her,she wanted to try but 10days later she said I can't make it,now I'm with another girl but I'm still criying
Sean Williams 06/07/12,00:25

So many times has this happened to me. So many times I just wished that I had gone out of my way to talk to them. And I finally did. I finally go tht courage to talk to someone and now we're married.
Too true 08/06/14,17:01

four months later and the love I have is still as raging and devastating as ever....He doesn't even notice me these days, and he is so perfect that it hurts, but somebody else has their grip on him. This song is too true at the moment.
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